premium classifieds ads with paypal

premium classifieds ads with paypal. post your free or premium ads and pay the ad cost with paypal, all major debit & credit cards, payza, bitcoin and…

Please remember the time when there was not any car, or online payment.

Business was not easy like today and you must travel to other cities and countries on foot without any car and just with animals…But today you can post your advertisement online. We all able to pay the cost without travel for an advertisement of our product and services. You are able to sell your goods to the other countries and other continentals. It means now all markets are a local market for your business like a village

And in this way you need to the online payments tools like, paypal, bitcoin, payza, Credit and debit cards and etc… as a world class classifieds is ready to publish your ads for import or export. You are able to post free classifieds ads or premium ads with backlink and pay the cost with above payment options.

Please take a look to the cost for premium ads

Premium advertisement price

We also using SSL and it means you can pay the cost without worries.

Our Ninja now is green !

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