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Hot Plater Burners Free Sample

Hot Plater Burners Free Sample in UK Model : AD-C101 Power: 110V/220-240V 50/60Hz 1000W MATERIAL: STAINLESS IRON ,THINCKNESS 0.4MM PRODUCT SIZE: 22*22*7CM COIL HOT PLATE […]

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ارزآوری ایرانیان مهاجر

ارزآوری ایرانیان مهاجر در سال 2019 چند دلار بود؟

مهاجرت دلایل مختلفی دارد و امید به پیدا کردن شغل و درامد بهتر یکی از مهم ترین موارد برای مهاجرت به کشورهای دیگر می باشد. مخصوصا در سالها اخیر و بدلیل کاهش شدید ارزش پول ملی، ایرانیان زیادی در جستجوی کار در کشورهای همسایه می باشند.

در این راستا

بانک جهانی در تازه‌ترین آمار خود از حواله پول توسط کارگران مهاجران به خانواده‌های خود در کشورهای‌شان، میزان ارسال پول توسط مهاجران ایرانی به کشور در سال ۲۰۱۹ را یک میلیارد و ۳۳۰ میلیون دلار ارزیابی کرده است.

بانک جهانی هفته گذشته هشدار داد که شیوع کرونا در جهان احتمالا به افت ۱۹.۷ درصدی ارسال وجوه مالی توسط نیروهای کار مهاجر به خانواده‌های خود منجر شود.

آمارهای بانک جهانی نشان می‌دهد که کارگران مهاجر ایرانی بعد از پاکستان و ارمنستان، بیشترین ارسال حواله پول به کشورشان را در میان کل همسایگان داشته‌اند.

پاکستانی‌های مهاجر پارسال ۲۰ میلیارد دلار و ارمنی‌ها کمی بیش از ۱.۵ میلیارد دلار پول از دستمزدهای خود را برای خانواده‌هایشان فرستاده‌ا…

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How To Grow Spirulina At Home

How To Grow Spirulina. I have some question and secrets of Growing Spirulina Algae at Home

I hared Nasa said Spirulina Algae is a superfood and they are trying to make spirulina base food for the astronauts.

For example Blueberry and Dark black chocolate are a supperfood

World Health Organization (WHO) climes Spirulina Algae is the best food for the future.

Now I want to grow this algae at home for personal and family use.

Dark black chocolate

Dark black chocolate (also known as black chocolate, plain chocolate, or sour chocolate) is a form of chocolate containing cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar, without the milk found in milk chocolate. Government and industry standards of what products may be labeled "dark chocolate" vary by country and market.

Although dark chocolate has a reputation as a healthier alternative to other types of chocolate, such as milk chocolate,[2] high-quality evidence for significant health…

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The best Classifieds ads in Europe

The best Classifieds ads in Europe. top 10 classified sites in Europe.,,, LetGo (OLX),,,,,, What are the best classified site in Europe? (more…)
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Professional SEO classifieds ad listing in Malaysia

Professional SEO classifieds ad listing in Malaysia for Selangor, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Purajaya, Sabah, Srawak Penyenaraian iklan iklan profesional di Malaysia di Malaysia Without advertisement your business won't work. Even a god have no value in a dark place or under the earth! There are many methods for advertisement. Because advertisement first is  an art, so is a science. Which languages I can post my ads? (more…)
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About US – Free Classifieds ad listing In Japan, Asia, Europe

About us - Free Classifieds ad listing In Japan, Asia, Europe, America and all the world - Local and international ads for all kind of product and services

A classifieds ad listing website will help you find new customers. You can expand your market in other countries just with a online classifieds ads. will helps you to develop your business like a ninja.

There are 3 categories in website: (more…)

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chinatown – bukit bintang cheap hotels in Malaysia

chinatown - bukit bintang cheap hotels - Guest house and hostels  in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Many people around the world plan to go to Malaysia as a tourist. They are looking for tourist place of Malaysia, Nice island and shopping center. But having a place for sleep is most thing that must pay attention to it. Hotel or hostel? You want to book a hotel or hostel in Malaysia? Some people prefer to book a hotel, but some others looking for a good hostel in Malaysia to book. There are many hostels in Malaysia that some of them listed below: The Icon Hostel, The Travel Hub Guesthouse, , Le Village China Town,  Irsia Guest house, Matahari Lodge, Goldbrick Hotel, Central Lodge, The Long House, The Bed Station China Town, Oasis Guest house, Natalia GuestHouse, Step Inn Guesthouse, Marquee Guest Hpuzz, Serenity Hostels, Agosto Guesthouse, Chen's Homestay, Hotel Royal Palm Lodge, King bed Avasi Apartment Home, Why hostel is a good choice? Low price You must pay about $100 for …
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Malaysia Classifieds for local and international companies

Malaysia Classifieds for local and international companies We all as an individual or company needs to advertisement for our work and business. There are many classifieds websites with many categories like jobs inded, car classifieds, home (Real State) and etc... Some of Malaysian classifieds are: |  |  |  |   |  |  |  |  |  | In this way is one of them for an effective advertisement for all product and services.  

expat malaysia classifieds

post free classified ads in malaysia

adpost malaysia

kuala lumpur classifieds

job classifieds malaysia

job classifieds malaysia

malaysia free classified Read more

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premium classifieds ads with paypal

premium classifieds ads with paypal. post your free or premium ads and pay the ad cost with paypal, all major debit & credit cards, payza, bitcoin and... Please remember the time when there was not any car, or online payment. (more…)
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Our Ninja now is green !

Our Ninja  classifieds ads now is green !  Green Classifieds ads for your business Our ninja changed his dress from Red to Green If you check our website URL will see a green https for your secure.It mean you can order premium ads and pay the ad cost on higher level security fast and easy. Pricingg and plan SSL makes faster Our Ninja performance now is 4-5X faster than before.
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Expand your market with

Expand the share of your market with - free classifieds ads for all business around the world How many competitors there are in your local business market? and how many way you are using to promote your product and services? Online advertisement will help you to find local and international customers.
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Classified ads pricing for all kind of business

Classified ads pricing for all kind of business around the world. Free and premium classified ads for Car, Tourism, Job, import & Export, new and used items, real estate, loan, Fashion and beauty industry, Dress and ....       Special offer - RM150 ad credit for free Special prices just for Malaysian business and brands.. We have a limited time offer for all Malaysian advertisers. Transfer RM50 to our CIMBBANK account and we will add RM 200 ad credit on your account!   How to place an ad? It's is so easy just in 2-3 steps. you need to register as a free member, so post your free or premium ad. You also can extend and renew your free ads for next month, fast and free month by month. Place an Ad     Search Sales Listings Real Estate Sell your home the minute you're ready. All locations Luxury Real Estate and Homes for Sales  
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